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About Us

Bell Inc. was founded in 1998. Best known for its origins of Public Relations, the company has evolved into an agency that excels in all forms of digital marketing.

Looking for more sales? Intriguing content? More eyeballs? An automated funnel that converts? Publicity around a product, event or company launch?

We’ve been around this block many times. Because of our years of experience with a diverse client base, we understand any  business model and its value proposition quickly. We rapidly understand your target demographic, their desires and pain points, the way they talk and think. We know how to communicate effectively with them. Doing this with speed and accuracy is the key to our success in writing high converting copy and crafting micro-targeted digital campaigns. It is our specialty. You have to know how your customers think and speak and their deepest desires in order to make that connection – that connection that is interpreted “This will be of value to me.” That’s all there is to it. That’s how sales are made. That’s what makes growth happen.

When you hire S. Bell, you have experienced writers and digital marketing experts on your team. Therefore, a lot of time and money is not wasted in testing and ramping up. A/B testing is always important, but experience can cut that time significantly.

We’ve helped many companies and sharp entrepreneurs grow, including: Wingstop, Gatlin Education, Meritage Homes, Koll Development, Henry S. Miller Company, ColorTyme, Pizza Patron, Shermco Industries – and many more.

And, we’d love to help you with any job, small or large. Please contact us for for a  custom bid on your project.



About The Founder

I think it important that you know the person behind the company — so a little about me.  I started out with a Computer Information Systems degree, a B.B.A. as this was a business major at the University of Arkansas. I didn’t program for long, as I had a dislike for long hours in a cubicle, but it served me very well. Why? Because  I am unafraid to this day to roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty into some coding or new technology. And, as it turns out, marketing became very technology driven.

So in those early years, instead of coding I opted for outside sales, and I was good at it. This also served me well, as I became unafraid to pick up the phone and call anyone. When I started this company, media relations was my sole specialty. And, I got tons of free press for my clients due to the confidence and conviction of my pitch calls.

Now you know a little of my background. So, I started my first business, a matchmaking company, in 1994 and was able to sell it to It’s Just Lunch out of Chicago within a year and a half. I took a two-year contract with them and opened all their Texas offices for them – five in total. We hired PR people in each of those markets and that’s where I grew my love and understanding of promoting through the free press. When my contract was up, I started S. Bell Inc. in 1998 and  there’s been no looking back since.